Subject:                          Revell Ward Payroll Update - June 2013





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Payroll Update

We’re now well into RTI and the world is still turning!  Whilst for some it has been plain sailing, there have been issues for others and no doubt more will continue to come to light as time goes on.



HMRC listen and respond

HMRC announced on Wednesday that they will extend the relaxation of RTI reporting rules for certain businesses.  The concession was due to end mid-tax year, in October, but they have now said that businesses taking advantage of the lighter reporting can do so until next April.

HMRC say this extension is as a result of stakeholder pressure, as these small businesses try to find a way of being fully compliant without incurring large additional costs. The businesses affected are those with fewer than 50 employees who pay weekly but run the payroll monthly.

This arrangement doesn’t work for RTI, as reports need to be filed every time someone is paid.

From April 2014, all employers need to be reporting in real time – which means “on or before” the date employees are paid.


Other news

Majad Ali, one of our payroll administrators, has recently passed his “Advanced Certificate in Payroll Techniques”, achieving the grade of “Distinction”. Majad joined us as a graduate from Huddersfield University and looks after a variety of payroll clients, some with 3 employees each week and others with over 100 employees each month.

He still has some way to go to catch up with our other dedicated payroll administrator, Joanne Sykes, whose payroll experience stretches back to the early 90’s – although of course she doesn’t look old enough!

Congratulations to Majad.


Next challenge for payroll: Auto enrolment and pension responsibilities

We will be issuing some information on this topic soon. If you want to know your staging date, call us with your PAYE reference to hand.

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