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Multi-academy trusts – the way forward?

“Just charge 20%”

VAT advisors are often teased with comments along the lines of: “Your job must be easy – VAT’s just 20% on everything isn’t it?”

In fact, dealing with complex liability issues and working with HMRC to resolve disputes in this area is a key part of the services RW VAT offers to clients.

We recently settled a dispute case  …Read more.

When is an option to tax not an option to tax?

We regularly deal with issues concerning VAT and property and often advise on problem areas which arise in connection with the option to tax over commercial property.

There are many common misconceptions around what the option to tax is and how it operates.

In recent weeks, we have dealt with a number of cases where  …Read more.

Zero-rating for charity buildings – the latest chapter

Most readers will know that, in certain circumstances, charities may obtain zero-rating relief for the construction of new buildings.

The perennial problem with this relief is defining what is meant by the term ‘relevant charitable purpose’ (RCP).

There are two possibilities: …Read more.


A good investment…

Charities and other VAT-averse organisations should note the decision of the Upper Tribunal in the case of Cambridge University Endowment Fund which was released this summer.

The case concerned recovery of VAT incurred on investment management fees. …Read more.

Cost sharing exemption – Where do we go now?

The aim of the legislation is to ensure that where VAT averse entities (eg those in the education and social housing sectors) choose to share resources by outsourcing certain central services, VAT does not become a disincentive.

The rules operate by the creation of a cost-sharing group (CSG) run by and for the benefit of its members. A CSG will typically provide services such as IT, HR, procurement and other similar ‘back-office’ services to its members on a VAT-exempt basis. …Read more.


Direct Mail

The extent to which the zero rate of VAT applies to charity direct mailings is something of a hot topic at the moment.

Put simply, the question is this: is a charity buying ‘a composite supply of delivered goods in the form of printed matter’,or, ‘direct marketing services’? …Read more.

Just keep holding on…

The extent to which VAT may or may not be reclaimed on costs incurred by holding companies is one of the longest running sagas in the history of VAT.

The recent Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) decision in the joint cases of Larentia and Minerva provides the latest chapter in this saga. …Read more.

Welcome to Revell Ward Chartered Accountants in Huddersfield!

We are a firm of Chartered Accountants based in Huddersfield and as you will see from our website we like to do things a little bit differently. Our offerings include all compliance services such as; Audit, Personal and Corporate Tax, Bookkeeping, Management Accounts, a Payroll Bureau and much more.

Our clients are based in Huddersfield and beyond and have many positive words to say about us so why not visit The Truth About Revell Ward page and find out for yourself.

We are very passionate about what we do and know that you too are passionate about what you do and for that reason we have devised The ‘Revell Ward Wheel of Fortune’, the wheel asks questions that every business owner should know the answers to but often don’t have the time to find these answers. The wheel demonstrates Revell Ward’s added value services and clearly defines the expected outcome for those who ‘step on’. This is a strong example of the firm’s clear but innovative approach to helping businesses achieve their goals in a more strategic way.