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Why we are “thoroughly” good

Why we are “thoroughly” good

“Your focus should never be on the cost of doing something – but more on the cost of NOT doing something.

If you could only spare half a day and that half a day cost you £800 but could make you £8,000 – you wouldn’t hesitate to spend it – would you?”

Just last week whilst doing a detailed review of a set of clients’ management accounts we identified a £28,000 error where the property management company had wrongly calculated the quarterly service charge. This meant immediate additional income for our client. Having identified the error a full reconciliation was carried out which highlighted further errors and additional income for our client of another £26,000.

Now that attention to detail is what we call a valued compliance service and more than outweighs any costs we might charge for doing so.

We are continually commended by our clients for being thorough and they add that this is what they like about us.

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