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What’s Revell Ward really like?

What’s Revell Ward really like?

Life at Revell Ward one year on… Katie Lee explains.Katie - to use

One year ago I looked back over my first four months at Revell Ward to give you a feel of what life was like. Are things any different one year on?

I think the simple answer to that is yes – it is amazing how much can change in a single year!

From the outset I was out at clients being actively involved in audits however I didn’t realise then at what a basic level! The completion of three sets of chartered exams and a vast amount of time spent with clients has definitely changed this. It is amazing how much you can learn in a year!

My time is mainly based out at clients, with weeks in college and every now and then doing various tasks in the office. Visiting clients has taken me all over with stock takes as far afield as London and Edinburgh – I felt like a true business women travelling the country!

It is not just book knowledge I feel has improved on last year. I have found that each new audit brings new experiences, new tasks, more responsibility and more involvement. At times it has been challenging, it can often be hard to put into action what you have initially planned when new and different information becomes available.

However, I have found that each hurdle increases both my accountancy and audit skills as well as my business knowledge. I can then put these skills into use in resolving problems on my own when similar situations arise. A crucial point for me whilst training is the support from all levels and my experience at Revell Ward has been fantastic. Whatever the question, however trivial, there is always help available to point you in the right direction.

My main enjoyment is being out of the office, interacting with clients and getting to know about different businesses – this is definitely a good thing as it is what I do most often. I find learning about businesses exciting and the wide range of different clients I visit continues to open my eyes to the vast variety of companies, each with their own specialities and unique features. I can certainly say that no two businesses are the same!

Overall the past year has been a steep learning curve with many new experiences, but I can safely say that the majority of these experiences have been good ones and to look at where I am now compared to last year is a great feeling.

I’m now looking forward to the challenges the New Year brings, what I can achieve and where I can be by December 2014.

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