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VAT Disputes

VAT Disputes

We have recently had considerable success in resolving a number of VAT dispute cases with HMRC.

In total, the VAT at stake in these cases was in excess of £1 million. This has now either been refunded to clients, or, assessments for the additional tax HMRC deemed to be payable have been withdrawn or substantially reduced.

Whilst this is obviously fantastic news, resolving these disputes has not been an easy process and getting HMRC to accept that their analysis of the position is incorrect has proved challenging.

We are strong advocates of the new Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) service HMRC now offer and have successfully concluded two of the first 100 cases to go through this process.

We would urge any business which is in dispute with HMRC to seek professional advice from an expert in tax dispute resolution before “throwing in the towel” as it may well be that a solution can be found.

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