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VAT: A Survival Guide

VAT: A Survival Guide

The VAT session we delivered as part of Kirkless Business week focused on our “Top 20 tips for business owners”.

This included an overview of a number of key areas including;

  • Making sure you get the right entity registered at the right time – and in the right place
  • Ensuring are aware of the various different rates of VAT and categories of income (and understand what these mean for your business
  • What VAT you can reclaim
  • Timing issues
  • Cross-border VAT(an area where we are currently seeing a significant increase in enquiries)
  • VAT and property (a minefield – as always)
  • Surviving a VAT inspection and dealing with disputes.

The slides from the session are available to download here.

All of these tips are designed to help you ensure you meet HMRC’s requirement of paying “the right tax at the right time”.

We got some great questions at the live session. If you have a burning question on any VAT issue, drop us a line at: or give us a call.

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