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Kirklees Cycling Academy

On the fourth anniversary of the KCA opening its doors with the goal of becoming the number one competitive cycling club supporting the development of Regional and National cycling champions aged 6-18 we are delighted to secure the support of Revell Ward for the fourth consecutive year.

Your financial contribution, your purchasing of our annual club presentation trophies and your continued moral support make a real difference in the way we can support riders, motivate riders and reward riders for their achievements.

In tough economic times your contribution to the KCA is to be applauded.

May I take the opportunity to wish Revell Ward every success in the future and as I know that all three senior partners in the business are now involved in cycling including incredible fund raising for other deserving causes may I say, hats off to you for taking on some personal challenges and coming through them with some great stories and a smile on your faces.

Darren Stringer – Kirklees Cycling Academy Club Secretary and co-club Founder

Shaw Timber Limited

Revell Ward always provide an excellent level of service. As a firm they endeavour to find the solution that keeps us on track with our strategic plans. The whole team are approachable and are keen to help with any challenges I raise at whatever level. Overall I find them a pleasure and easy to work with.

Mike Dragicevic – Company Secretary, Shaw Timber Limited

Grumpy Mule – Bolling Coffee Limited

Karen & her team have done a consistently excellent job. They are always flexible and provide great advice, particularly when deadlines are looming. I have no hesitation in recommending Revell Ward as an outstanding accountancy practice.

Ian Balmforth

Diversity Products Limited

For Diversity Products, the Revell Ward Strategy Session was a thought provoking experience. It demonstrated to us as company directors, that as always, Revell Ward is highly focussed on helping its clients develop, not just by providing sound financial guidance but using its partners’ experience to help businesses plan for their future. The open and informal communication style of Revell Ward’s partners always creates an environment in which it is easier to discuss the complexities of business finance, and the Strategy Session was no exception.

Stephanie Knowles

Cape UK

We decided to tender for new auditors after being with another provider for a number of years. Due to the reduction in government funding our business was in the midst of change and we felt that we needed a fresh pair of eyes to look over our business and provide both support and challenge. Although we interviewed the top audit firms, the interview process, combined with previous experience, went to prove that we would be a small fish in a very big pond. We didn’t believe that we would receive the personal attention we required at this crucial stage of development in our business. We also need an auditor who really understood both the nuances and intricacies of our sector as well as an understanding of current position and where we needed to take the business to.

When we had an issue in our organisation which meant that we were unable to complete the fieldwork on the dates agreed Revell Ward were sympathetic to the issue and were quick to offer a solution.

The audit team were professional and efficient, finding just the right balance of support and challenge. Revell Ward recommended a shift in the way our accounts were presented and following rigorous discussion a set of financial statements were produced that more clearly and concisely communicated our position to the outside world. We believe that this approach will help us move from a grant based organisation to one that also has a stronger commercial element.

Perhaps, more importantly, the team at Revell Ward are easy to work with and thorough. I have would have no hesitation in recommending them. Should more information be required please do not hesitate to contact me,

Joanne Garnham-Parks

High Finance (UK) Ltd

I was introduced to Lesley Sutton of Revell Ward by my legal advisors on a share transaction. The business had previously implemented a share structure which inadvertently diluted key shareholdings to below the magic 5% needed for use of entrepreneurs relief. Lesley quickly identified the issue and put a revised structure in place to protect our position going forward and then set about tackling HMRC to backdate the relief. The successful outcome meant a saving of some £120,000 in tax.

Lesley and Revell Ward were professional, timely and technically excellent and I would have no hesitation in recommending them to others.

Jason Sykes

Ready Steady Veg Ltd

I was introduced to Lesley Sutton of Revell Ward by my accountant. We had previously invested cash in a business which had unfortunately ceased to trade before we were able to recover our investment. Lesley advised us to make a claim to crystallise a capital loss on the shares we had acquired, followed by a separate claim to offset this loss against our other income. The successful outcome resulted in a tax repayment of £16,000 for me and my wife

Lesley and Revell Ward offered a professional and timely service and I would have no hesitation in recommending them to others.

Peter Sheriff – Director, Ready Steady Veg Ltd 

Kirklees Stadium Development Ltd

Revell Ward have been Auditors to Kirklees Stadium Development Ltd, (KSDL), for a number of years and were reappointed unanimously by the Board in the Spring. Their efficiency, attention to detail and communication are all of the highest order.

Over the last year since my arrival in the business, I have used them increasingly to provide general management consultancy on key strategic initiatives. Here again, their ability to think outside of the box and to offer clear and beneficial advice has impressed.

I am therefore very happy to recommend the services of Revell Ward.

Gareth Davies – Managing Director, KSDL


Revell Ward provides a payroll service for Manrochem. This is carried out efficiently by very competent staff. We are highly satisfied with this service and look forward to this continuing.

Kirsty Robinson

Future Forwarding

Revell Ward have provided us with an efficient, cost effective and confidential payroll service for many years and would certainly recommend their services.

David Holland, Finance Director

Star (Training & Consulting)
What can I say, “We find the service to be a very professional, prompt and cost effective solution by removing the burden of Government and enabling Star to concentrate on its core business”.

John Smith

G & D Enterprises Limited

Our payroll services were transferred to Revell Ward at the beginning of 2010 and since that time have offered a satisfactory and a helpful and professional service.

The transfer went smoothly and Revell Ward ensured that this company’s requirements were met.

Denise Collier

Aireshelta plc

Aireshelta plc has been a Payroll customer at Revell Ward for several years. During this time, it has proved to be a cost-effective and efficient service – allowing the Team at Aireshelta to get on with what they do best! Anne has made it a personal service; she is always available and offers advise when needed.

Kevin Bradley

Computerway Business Solutions Limited

We have been using Revel Ward Payroll Services for many years and have always found them to be competent, reliable and efficient.

Richard Nesfield, Director

Rolf C Hagen (UK) Limited

One can say without fear of contradiction that you have always provided an excellent service in producing our payroll and its associated documentation.

Leonard Milburn

Olympus Technologies Limited

Revell Ward always process our payroll in an efficient and friendly manner and I would have no hesitation in recommending their payroll services.

Nicki Smith, Director

Brighter Connections Limited

Having worked with the team at Revell Ward for 5 years as our retained accountants we recently had a need for a temporary bookkeeper. This requirement came about due to our own bookkeeper becoming ill and needing to take an extended break from work. We were introduced to Lynn who is now a valued member of our team and as a sign of our growing relationship we invited Lynn to join us at our annual Christmas dinner! Whilst we miss our own bookkeeper, Lynn gets through a lot of work when she is here and we are very impressed with her efforts. Having looked at alternative options to cover our medium terms needs, the outsource service from Revell Ward came out on top for value and addressing our business needs.

Darren Stringer

MacIntosh James & Partners Limited

Since our business started in 2005, Revell Ward have been providing bookkeeping, payroll and management accounts for us. The service is friendly and of high quality. Harvey visits once a quarter and efficiently deals with all the paperwork including the VAT return. Over the years we have built a strong and successful relationship and consider Revell Ward an important part of our team.

Simon James

Creative Space Management Limited

As a growing company we realised we needed additional support for bookkeeping and management accounts. Revell Ward is able to provide an excellent service and is always flexible to suit our needs. Melanda has been a great support for our staff providing good quality, useful advice. We all really look forward to her monthly visits!

Toby Hyam

Educational Competencies Consortium Limited

Revell Ward has worked closely with us since February 2007, handling our bookkeeping, payroll and day to day finance matters. Harvey, Lynn and Anne provide an efficient and personal service that takes into account the unique aspects of our business.We look forward to many more years of working together.

Margaret Dale

Calderdale & Kirklees Careers Ltd

Revell Ward talk our language, they offer expert help in a down-to-earth, straight-talking kind of way. We can ask quick questions without racking up costs and they have helped us to become more self-sufficient in our approach to accountancy and taxation work; safe in the knowledge that they are there for us when we have reached the limit of our capabilities. Accordingly, the relationship is a good one that is mutually beneficial, and its cost-effective for us – we wouldn’t have stuck with them for 15 years otherwise, (give or take the odd takeover and amalgamation in between). Access to our support team at Revell Ward is generally very good. Revell Ward look to solve our problems rather than just give us the strict accounting perspective and they have taken the time to get to know our business well. We would recommend Revell Ward to others looking for a similar relationship.

Gerald Hey, Chief Executive

C. R. Longley & Co. LTD

John Wilson and his team at Revell Ward were appointed as our auditors and advisors in 2002. For the past six years they have been a key partner in our businesses continued growth and success, providing a bespoke professional service tailored to our business needs.

John Longley

Simply Biz

I have worked with Revell Ward for many years in both a personal and corporate capacity. It has been an important relationship spanning a variety of projects and businesses.

I am delighted to see the return of Revell Ward to Huddersfield and I am sure it will be of great benefit to businesses in the surrounding area. I wish everyone a huge success.

Ken Davy

Country Park Foods

Revell Ward have been our accountants for many years and they have been adding to business recently as the company has grown.

With cooked meats quality means everything and with Revell Ward we can certainly tell the difference.

Revell Ward helped us recently with our banking arrangements for our factory extension and supplied an interim Finance Director for a few months to keep things on the boil, whilst they also assisted with the recruitment of a new FD.

David Newsholme

Bowman Riley Architects

A shining example of what professional relationships should be about… supportive, honest, constructive… a strong foundation to build on for any business!!!

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