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Tax refunds for students working during the summer

Tax refunds for students working during the summer

Students who work during the summer holidays will have paid tax on their earnings, but many don’t realise that they have overpaid.

In years past special PAYE rules applied to students who worked while studying, however these rules no longer apply and students are treated like any other employee for PAYE purposes.

For those not part of the self-assessment regime there are a couple of options.  If work has ceased and there is no intention to work for the remainder of the tax year form P50 can be used in most cases.   This can be found from this link.

Those with ongoing PAYE income usually need to wait until the end of the tax year before claiming a refund.  If preferred they can wait for HMRC to carry out a year-end reconciliation and issue a refund, this can take some time.  E.g. 2015/16 calculations are being issued now.

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