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Tandem Trekkers

Tandem Trekkers

Assited Tandem ride

Jennifer Davies and Rachel McHale of Kirklees Visual Impairment Network (KVIN)

Revell Ward director Jennifer Davies is now a qualified sighted guide for people who are blind or visually impaired! Jennifer completed the training in May and received her certificate for the “My Guide Level One” qualification, which is provided by the Guide Dogs for the Blind Association.

Jennifer said: “My Guide is a wonderful opportunity to gain experience supporting people who are blind or partially sighted. For me, it was the next step on the journey I began a year ago, being a pilot for the Tandem Trekkers.”

Tandem Trekkers is a group of blind and visually impaired people, plus sighted volunteers like Jennifer, who get out and about on tandems as often as possible.

Having started with practice rides around the running track, the Tandem Trekkers have bigger plans this year, including an imminent ride from Penistone to Dunford Bridge and other longer rides later in the summer.

As well as the scheduled meetings on a Saturday afternoon, Tandem Trekkers is creating further opportunities as attendees get to know each other and make their own arrangements. For example, Jennifer has signed up for the Le-Cote-de-Holme Moss Sportive in July this year, at the request of one of the blind riders, Martin Webster. Jennifer and Martin will do the Sunday leg of the event, whilst Martin will have already ridden on Saturday with Sean, another volunteer at Tandem Trekkers.

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