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Tandem Trecking…

Tandem Trecking…

Jennifer has kept up her tandem cycling (following Karen’s lack of enthusiasm after her bike accident!) and she is pictured here presenting a cheque to Brittany Stead, an amazing visually-impaired student from Cleckheaton. The money, raised through the tandem cycling efforts of Jennifer and Karen, is payable to Kirklees Visual Impairment Network (KVIN) and will be used to pay for Brittany to take part in a London to Paris tandem ride with sighted steerswoman Jeannie.

KVIN is jennifera disabled-user led charity which set up its project “Tandem Trekkers” a few years ago. Tandem Trekkers has proved so popular that it is about to become an independent entity – and will need to secure funding on an ongoing basis.

Jennifer said: “Brittany is a very enthusiastic member of Tandem Trekkers (and so am I!) All the Tandem Trekkers amaze and humble me at every session. It gives me a buzz and it’s a treat rather than a chore to be a steersperson for these guys.”

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