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Share scheme reporting – 6 July deadline

Share scheme reporting – 6 July deadline

2015/16 annual returns for employment related share schemes must be submitted by 6 July 2016. All returns now have to be submitted online.

Annual returns must be filed for all tax advantaged share schemes, the most common of which is Enterprise Management Incentive Scheme or EMI.

Please also bear in mind that a separate return is required for all other employment related shares issued or acquired during 2015/16. This form, commonly called form 42, is not issued as a matter of course and companies have to decide whether they need to complete one.

Broadly, if any of your employees have been involved in share transactions or have been issued with unapproved share options then these are likely to need reporting.

Shares acquired as part of family succession planning rather than solely by virtue of employment can be excluded in certain circumstances.

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