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Bacs Approved Bureau

Bacs Approved Bureau

More and more organisations are choosing to pay their employees by BACS as it provides greater confidentiality and reliability. Some banks are now withdrawing their Autopay service leaving companies reliant on BACS or internet banking to make their payroll payments.

At Revell Ward we use a BACS accredited bureau which ensures a fast, secure and confidential method of paying your employees. Internet banking relies on someone within your organisation using the in-house computer to pay employees via the internet and therefore an element of confidentiality is lost. Cover from absences is another issue which is removed by outsourcing the payroll.

Other reasons why we recommend BACS payments are:

No cheques to write, thus eliminating mistakes

Only one entry in your bank statement to reconcile

Payments arrive on the due date every month

Please contact us for further details regarding a BACS application and obtaining a BACS user number for your organisation.






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