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Auto-Enrolment Toolkit

Auto-Enrolment Toolkit

The “Auto Enrolment Toolkit” contains the complete solution for those who want to ease the burden of compliance with auto enrolment.

It covers:

  • Pre staging preparation
  • Cost modelling – evaluating your options
  • Help setting up the scheme
  • Registering with TPR
  • Communications to workers
  • Getting payroll ready
  • Support all the way

It also covers the following options:

  • Use an IFA, or not
  • Do your own payroll
  • Use your existing bureau
  • Join our bureau
  • Stage early, or postpone
  • Use different schemes for different workers
  • Communicate more than the minimum

The seminar covered many aspects of auto enrolment including timings, the Pension Regulator’s view on costs, how much you might need to save for retirement, who it affects and suggested steps.

More interestingly it covered the results of a recent survey of local payroll bureau’s to see how prepared they were for the whole auto enrolment process.

For a copy of Jennifer’s slides or to receive the results of her survey please e-mail

The Auto-enrolment Toolkit has been created by Jennifer Davies Revell Ward Chartered Accountants in Huddersfield