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Revell Ward Tennis Trio

Revell Ward Tennis Trio

Dynamic duo - Jennifer Davies & Rob Kelly

Dynamic duo – Jennifer Davies & Rob Kelly

Revell Ward joined forces with Huddersfield Lawn Tennis and Squash Club, Towngate PLC and Schofield Sweeney to host what has now become an annual corporate tennis tournament.

Showing off their skills for Revell Ward are Jennifer Davies – @RevellWardJAD, Zoe Mallinson – @RevellWardZoe and Louis Maguire – @RevellWardLouis supported from the touch lines by Karen Borowski  – @RevellWardKaren.

The tournament was a fun doubles tournament with trophies at stake.  With all standards of play welcome the teams were mixed up to provide a good balance of skills.  The tournament used both indoor and outdoor courts but for once the weather was unbelievable and it was fun in the sun all round.

I'm ready...

I’m ready…

Did I hit it...?

Did I hit it…?


Fun in the sun on this court!

Happy days…

The photos tell it all as to those who were taking it seriously and those who just enjoyed fun in the sun!!

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