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Revell Ward joins The Town Foundation at Dalton I & J

Revell Ward joins The Town Foundation at Dalton I & J

It was an absolute pleasure to be at the breakfast club last WednesdayThe Town Foundation with Chartered Accountants in Huddersfield. The day started, early, for Karen and Jennifer who arrived at the school on their tandem. Having cycled in freezing temperatures, they were pleased to get inside, where the tandem duo spent their time talking to children and handing out the Revell Ward sporks, which were a big hit. The excitement was obvious especially when hearing, “wow, they were on the Big Bang Theory”. The buzz and the excitement were wonderful and the volunteers were very busy preparing breakfasts and helping the children. This breakfast club is one of the larger clubs and on our visit 91 children passed through the doors to receive a great start to the day.

Jennifer Davies, Revell Ward Partner and the front half of the tandem, said “That was brilliant! Can’t get over what bright little sparks the kids are, all of them chirpy and chatty.  I think the breakfast clubs are not only providing a solid start to the school day, they must be really good for the children’s social skills too!  Very enjoyable and rewarding to for all involved.”

Karen Borowski, Revell Ward Partner and the back half of the tandem, said “It was so much more than eating breakfast it was fun, friendly and exciting. When the children were asked why they enjoyed attending the breakfast club the only answer was “food”.  Many of the children told me about what they were looking forward to today and the energy was positive and happy.”

The duo also took the opportunity to hand over a cheque for £1,200 which will help The Town Foundation provide 2,400 breakfasts to children in our area.

If you would like to know more about how you can support The Town Foundation please contact Mandy Barwick on 01484 484197 or email


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