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Revell Ward Away Day

Revell Ward Away Day

On Tuesday 9th May our entire office went for a team away day to the National Coal Mining Museum ( ) where we were tasked with being private detectives for the day.Donna & Joe

Our objective was to solve the mystery of the missing gold and bring it back to collect a bonus for the team. The day was both challenging and fun and was designed to strengthen our teamwork and communication skills whilst still maintaining a competitive edge.

We were split into three teams (red, green and purple) each with their own set of clues eventually leading down into the mines. Once down there each team had their own tour, requiring them to use the historical information being given to find and work out the clues. Whilst two teams were required to race up the drift the purple team were afforded the luxury of using the lift, giving them an edge back above ground where they were the first team to acquire some of the gold bars.

However, it soon became apparent that in order to continue the teams would need to work together in order to find the gold, a prospect greeted much more warmly by two of the teams, the reds struggling to put their competitive nature aside. As the now larger group regained its cohesion we neared the end of our search, piecing together the final clues leading towards the missing gold and completing the task with 10 minutes to spare and with no penalties. We were in fact only the third team ever to complete the challenge in the time allowed and the first team ever to present a 100% invoice for the bonus reward – not bad for a bunch of accountants!

Our day then continued with a delightful lunch laid on for us by the wonderful asparagus green (


With the team re-fuelled the afternoons activities involved a staff meeting, helping to improve the teams understanding and appreciation of each other’s work, which was only stopped by a brief break for scones with jam and cream!

A superb day out in a beautiful setting with the weather on our side and no more food required for the rest of the day.