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Question 4: Business Planning – How do you get there?

Question 4: Business Planning – How do you get there?

The Revell Ward Wheel of Fotune - Making you more money

Your business plan is your recipe for success. It is a formal statement of your objectives and your plan for achieving them.

Your recipe for success will need to detail all your key success drivers, the required ingredients, the equipment and an assessment of the adequacy of your working environment. It then needs to communicate how your recipe produces the final product that beats the competition and makes your customer want to buy from you.

At Revell Ward we follow a step by step process (and you can’t miss out any steps) and we conclude with a One Page Plan that you can communicate easily both internally and externally.

Once you have achieved this we help you work on your business forecasts. Starting with your sales forecast, moving onto projecting the profitability and finally producing an integrated cash flow forecast for the 12 months ahead and then a summary forecast for the 3 years ahead.

“Revell Ward are supportive, honest, constructive…a strong foundation to build on”

This is the fourth step in the  Revell Ward Wheel of Fortune which looks at the ways we go about “Adding to Business” to make you more money.

Everyone here has the sense that right now is one of those moments when we are influencing the future  – Steve Jobs

We are running a series of seminars on the Wheel of Fortune, to register your interest email or call 01484 538351.


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