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How to pay HMRC – a couple of changes

How to pay HMRC – a couple of changes

HMRC has announced two changes which will affect how we make tax payments.

1. From 15 December 2017 it will no longer be possible to make payments to HMRC at a post office. The contract with Santander which allowed this method of payment expires on that date and agreement has not been reached on a new contract.

Where electronic payment is not possible, payments can still be made at bank branches (with a payslip) and payments for self-assessment income tax can still be posted to HMRC.

2. From 13 January 2018 it will not be possible to pay HMRC using a personal credit card. The timing of this change coincides with the date from which HMRC will no longer be permitted to charge fees for payment by credit card.

For more information, please contact Lesley Sutton on 01484 550037 or email

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