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P4P5 completed!

P4P5 completed!

P4P5 completed!

Karen and Jennifer reflect on their latest cycle expedition as they complete The Pink Link P4P5…They begin with the list of things they don’t like:

  1. We don’t like cycle paths
  2. We don’t like weaving through traffic
  3. We don’t like to jump red lights
  4. We don’t like being left behind! (all of the above don’t help with 4, obviously)

All that said, there were some positives:

…we LOVE being in the Blue team, we LOVE that we have the BEST captain going, we LOVE the sense of achievement and team spirit, we LOVE listening to Boothy grumbling about everything, and we LOVE the fact that we don’t have to get on this bike this week!

Roll on P4P6..!!!

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