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Our payroll expert goes viral

Our payroll expert goes viral

Jennifer Davies, Revell Ward’s very own payroll expert, has been asked to be part of a panel of experts presenting at the Payroll World’s Spring Update Conference.

Jennifer was nominated in the The Payroll Top 50 which recognises the leading professionals who have had a positive impact on the payroll industry in the past year. The 2016 list will be announced after the Payroll World Spring Update Conference.


Jennifer has grown RW Payroll bureau’s recurring fee base by 27% in the past two years as well as generating significant advisory fees form her work on auto-enrolment. She lapped up the challenge of auto-enrolment developing an auto-enrolment toolkit and is now recognised as an expert in her field in the local market and is regularly requested by professional bodies to hold seminars on the subject. She is also a regular blogger on hot topics in the sector

Having received and read the detail behind her nomination, her reputation as a local auto-enrolment specialist is set to go national and even viral!

Jennifer receives many testimonials from clients for her work and here’s just one of them:

‘It is an absolute peace of mind to leave our payroll in hands of a professional organisation that not only provides accurate and confidential service but also has that vital element of personal touch. Friendly, professional and knowledgeable people who provide accurate payroll service time after time. A vital part to keep our staff happy.

 Just finished Month 2 of our autoenrolment and would like to say a big ‘thank you’ to you and all your staff in the help and support you have given me over the last few months, it’s working like clockwork!

Right from the set-off, the fact that you took care of all the employee assessments, set up the links and carried out the uploads for the payroll has made my life so easy, thank you very much for a first class service.’ – Mel Sanders, Generator Power (weekly payroll for 92, monthly for 53)

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