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Our latest strategic review session

Our latest strategic review session

We held our latest strategic review seminar for 10 independent businesses on 21 January. After a one hour session the entrepreneurs were asked what it had taught them…Revell Ward Chartered Accountants in Huddersfield - We're not just men in suits!

“We work to live, not live to work”

What is your price to be financially free?

…to focus on me and my family first, and really evaluate why am I working as hard as I am and what is it all for!
…with the right advice it is possible to get a work life balance and plan for the future.
…to stand back in the position I am at now and access what I need to put in place to reach my end goal. To be more efficient with time and put more effort into what makes money.
…it’s important to plan strategically for your business, whether that be for 5 years or 25, not to get bogged down in day-to-day operations without having a clear idea of why you are doing it.
…to deeply consider the future and how it can impact overall business.
…that I must stop getting tied down in the here and now, with a theory of a planned exit strategy … focus on the ultimate goal and the why! Very thought provoking.
… that time is so precious and its critical to get the reason why you do anything in life! Every person has individual wants and needs. Identifying your own and focusing on your personal end goal is critical.
…it’s all too easy to think you have loads of time to achieve – but without knowing what you want to achieve and why. The clock seems to run at twice the pace and you are in danger of running out of time.

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