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New charges for auto enrolment

New charges for auto enrolment

The People’s Pension have today issued a press release announcing setup fees for using their auto enrolment offering. The fees will start to apply later this month.

We have been seeing a number of clients favouring the People’s Pension over recent months. We have to agree that for ease of use from an administrative point of view, they have a great setup.

The introduction of a setup fee of £500 (or £300 if you go through your accountant / adviser) probably shouldn’t be the deciding factor when choosing a scheme.  But if you have already decided and were intending to register nearer your staging date, you should be aiming to register now to avoid the fee.

Registering doesn’t mean starting contributions early. It’s simply a case of setting up an online account ready for your staging date, which could be some way off.

For help with this or any aspect of auto enrolment, contact the payroll team at Revell Ward: 01484 538351,  Or call Jennifer Davies on 07501 684334 for friendly, simple and practical advice.


Our payroll software is fully compliant for auto enrolment purposes. We have an experienced team who will help you to arrive at the right answers with the minimum fuss.

For the full press release, follow this link.

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