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In the press – Do you have the tools to avoid the auto – enrolment avalanche?

In the press – Do you have the tools to avoid the auto – enrolment avalanche?

Things are certainly hotting up for the region’s SME’s as many approach their staging date and those who do have a bit longer are contemplating how and where to start.Trimmed Examiner photo 19.11.2013Revell Ward Partner, Jennifer Davies, has built herself a reputation as a “bit of an expert in the field” and has surveyed a number of the region’s payroll bureau’s and software providers to get their thoughts and actions on how they plan to help their clients deal with the administrative burden of auto enrolment.

For the bigger players (those with over 200 employees) the pension providers may be willing to deal with the administration side (most importantly the communications with employees). SME’s need to be aware though not to get tied in with one provider for the long term as there is a risk that costs will increase with these providers in the future. Many businesses are therefore looking to the middleware software providers as a solution to the administrative burden.

For SME’s with less than 200 employees the costs of going direct to middleware software is
probably prohibitive and some joined-up thinking is required to use economies of scale and spread the costs over more businesses. Hence Jennifer has created the Revell Ward “Auto-enrolment Toolkit”.

The Toolkit will cover everything from what’s already in place, what auto-enrolment will cost you, the minimum requirements and options if you want more than the minimum, payroll software that communicates with the pension providers and communication software that communicates with your employees.

Our advertorial can be found on Page five of this weeks Kirklees Business News along with other usefuls stories and information.



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