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How we can help you get cash back…

How we can help you get cash back…

With a 100% success rate our R&D offering is second to none.  Not only do we have in-house expertise in preparing and submitting claims, we also work with industry experts on more specialist claims to ensure we can service any client’s needs.

Our approach is simple…

1) An initial phone conversation to understand what projects you have been working on to discuss what is potentially qualifying and what would not be.

2) For more straightforward claims we will then assist with the preparation of your claim and organise for it to be submitted to HMRC.

3) For claims were some more industry specific knowledge is required we work closely with an R&D consultancy business who also have a 100% success rate.

Our aim is not only to identify potential claims but to ensure they are maximised and the supporting documentation is robust thus ensuring speedy and successful claims.

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