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Revell Ward – Graduate and A-Level recruitment day

Revell Ward – Graduate and A-Level recruitment day

Looking for a new challenge?

We have a number of exciting opportunities for keen, motivated individuals who have just left full-time education. Please register and come to our recruitment day in Huddersfield on Monday 3rd October.

What will happen on the day?
On the day we will ask you to complete a series of tasks to test your problem solving abilities, verbal and numerical skills, and also to see how well you can work within a team. We will also ask you to give a short individual presentation to explain your reasons for applying to Revell Ward, your choice of degree / A Levels and your personal ambitions and motivations.

The tasks that we set are designed so we can really drill down and assess your capabilities and competencies, but also your personality and interaction with others, and the way you deal with challenges.

Some of the activities that we may ask you to participate in are as follows:

• Group discussions
• Group challenges
• Self introduction and presentations
• Logic and reasoning tests
• Verbal and numerical tests
• One to one interviews
• Feedback session

What are we looking for?
Our minimum requirement is 280 UCAS points across 3 A Levels, none lower than a C.

Your academic qualifications are a big deal for these roles, but we believe that it is equally important to look at what you want to achieve and what you are capable of in the future. It’s all about having the right attitude, the desire to push yourself, and the desire to achieve a goal. Whilst several candidates may have the minimum qualifications, other factors will also help us decide whether a candidate is right for this role.

How to register
Send an email including your CV to, and we’ll get back to you to confirm your place.

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