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Forgot to do your tax return?

Forgot to do your tax return?

Well you are not alone!  Per HMRC statistics, roughly half a million taxpayers failed to file their 2016/17 tax return by 31 January 2018.

If you didn’t file, first of all don’t panic.  Prepare your tax return or appoint a tax advisor to do it for you as soon as you can.

You will incur an automatic £100 late filing penalty for not meeting the 31 January deadline, but provided that you file a tax return and pay any tax due within 30 days, no further penalties are due.  There may be a small interest charge.

If you don’t file your return within 30 days or pay the tax, you will incur a further penalty of 5% of the tax due.

No further penalties accrue until your tax return is 3 months late.  You will then incur a daily penalty of £10 per day for up to 90 days (max £900) then a further 5% of tax due or £300 if greater.  After this penalties increase further at six and twelve months.

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