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Charity Specialists Revell Ward back strong governance

Charity Specialists Revell Ward back strong governance

Revell Ward are Charity Specialists and Chartered Accountants based in Huddersfield. Today we review the National Audit Office (NAO)’s report on “The regulatory effectiveness of the Charity Commission” which has just been issued.

The report highlights that whilst becoming a registered charity does not indicate an organisation has passed a qulaity threshold it is seen by many donors as a kitemark of confidence. It therefore sees The Charity Commission’s regulatory activity as important in upholding such public confidence.

The charity sector makes an important contribution to UK society and the Commission has a key role in increasing trust and confidence in the sector. However there is a gap between what the public expects of the Commission and what it actually does.  The Commission does not take enough tough action in some of the most serious regulatory cases and it relies (too) heavily on trustees’ assurances, but should do more to check whether trustees have actually complied.

Key recommendations coming from the report include The Commission making greater use of its statutory powers in line with its objective of maintaining confidence in the sector and to introduce, without delay, sample checks of the information and assurances trustees provide.

If you have any concerns as a charity about any aspects of your governance then Revell Ward have a Charity Hallmark Offering which covers everything from the do you (the charity) have a clear purpose, do you having a strong board, are you fit for purpose, are you learning and improving, are you financially sound and prudent and are you accountabel and transparent.

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For the full report click here.


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