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Charity Hallmark No. 2 – A strong board

Charity Hallmark No. 2 – A strong board

An effective charity is run by a clearly identifiable board or trustee body that has the right balance of skills and experience, acts in the best interests of the charity and its beneficiaries, understands its responsibilities and has systems in place to exercise them properly.

Can your charity demonstrate this by answering these questions?

  • Is there a clearly identifiable board of trustees? Yes / No
  • Are these skills the right balance for the charity? Yes / No
  • Does your charity have a comprehensive list of all the skills and experience of the board? Yes / No
  • Can you identify the mix of skills, knowledge and experience necessary for the efficient and effective administration of the charity and ensure that the recruitment and appointment of new trustees provides adequate opportunities for re-assessing and achieving that mix? Yes / No
  • Does your charity have a trustee body that is the right size for the charity – large enough to include the skills and experience needed to run the charity effectively, but small enough to allow effective discussion and decision making? Yes / No
  • Does your charity have a clear understanding of the respective roles of the trustee body and staff with role descriptions for trustees and charity officers (such as the Chair and Treasurer)? Yes / No
  • Can your charity ensure that the charity’s committees, staff and agents have clear and appropriate delegated authority to carry out their designated roles in delivering the charity’s purposes. Does it also have systems in place to monitor and oversee the way in which delegated powers are exercised? Yes / No
  • Does your charity undertake all appropriate checks to ensure that a prospective trustee is both eligible and suitable to act in that capacity? Yes / No
  • Can your charity identify and meet the individual induction, training and development needs of trustees and has in place a framework for evaluating board and trustee performance? Yes / No
  • Can your charity ensure its trustees understand that they must act only in the charity’s interests and that any conflicts of interest are identified and managed? Yes / No
  • Can your charity identify and comply with relevant legislation and take professional advice where necessary. Yes / No

If you answered “no” to any aspect of these questions, we can assist you and provide further information. Call us on 01484 538351 or email us at