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Charity Hallmark No.1 – Clear about the purpose and direction

Charity Hallmark No.1 – Clear about the purpose and direction

An effective charity is clear about its purposes, mission and values and uses them to direct all aspects of its work.

Can your charity demonstrate this by answering these questions?

  1. What is the charity mission statement?
  2. What are the Charity’s values?
  3. What is the charity’s purpose?
  4. Do the above mission, values and purpose direct all aspects of work? Are the planned activities in line with the purposes set out in the governing document?
  5. Does the charity:

a. have a clear idea of its mission, and the strategies and steps that it will take to achieve it, set out in written documents that are regularly reviewed, giving the charity focus, direction and clarity? Yes / No

b. explain how all of its activities relate to and support its purposes, strategy and mission, and benefit the public? Yes / No

c. regularly review whether the purposes as set out in its governing document are up to date and relevant to the needs of its beneficiaries? Yes / No

d. demonstrate that it is independent and recognises that it exists to pursue its own purposes and not to carry out the policies or directions of any other body? Yes / No

e. consider future sustainability – balancing what is needed now with what will be needed in the future? Yes / No

If you struggled to answer questions 1-4 or answered “no” to any aspect of question 5, please consider giving us a call  on 01484 538351 or email us at