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Charity Specialists and Fun’raisers

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Does your charity need the love of a good accountant?

We can help aid your number worries and help raise your profile.



Funding providers have found themselves increasingly short as the government attempts to rein in the UK’s national debt. We can assist in securing that funding by providing an assurance opinion to the funding providers, that funds are being used for charitable purposes.

We want your charity to achieve its strategic objectives, and we are passionate and dedicated to thinking of new ideas to help charities succeed at what they do. Our ultimate measure of quality is that we produce a final set of “perfect” statutory financial statements and a concise and useful report to management. Preparation of accounts by charities in accordance with applicable standards can be a stressful time.

We work hard at building partnerships and try to create opportunities to introduce you and your business to others wherever we can.

CSR is an integral part of working with us and our staff are encouraged to support causes that are of interest to them. We compel ourselves to be part of the local community and take the opportunity to give something back to those less fortunate than ourselves.