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As predicted by Revell Ward payroll – RTI penalty delay

You saw it here first!  Last week, hot on the heels of our payroll blog speculation, HMRC announced that automatic penalties will be delayed until October 2014, and phased in from then.

Read the full detail on HMRC website:

Good news for everyone involved in payroll as the main problem seems to be HMRC issuing incorrect late filing notices and then aggressively chasing for explanation!

Next blog: we predict the lottery numbers for the next week!

RTI and payroll – nearly time for the fines to start – or is it?

It’s almost a year since RTI (Real Time Information) came into operation and employers have been reporting their payroll information routinely to HMRC each time payments are made to employees.

The first year was “fine free”, so late returns and other mistakes have gone unsanctioned for this year’s payrolls.

This honeymoon period is due to end on 6 April – but professional bodies and others in the payroll discipline are calling for it to be extended.  The argument is that there are still too many problems with RTI at HMRC and the automated penalties would cause chaos as many will be contested by employers.

RTI seems to have gone fairly smoothly in general, although if you scratch beneath the surface there is more to it.  HMRC’s Generic Notifications (available on all PAYE schemes, just like tax code and student loan notices) can let you know if there is a problem.  For example, if HMRC think any of your FPS’s were submitted late, they will have issued one of these notices.  You can check them through HMRC’s PAYE Desktop Viewer, available from their website:

We’ve been checking this for all of our payroll bureau clients, and have found a number of instances where late filing notices have been issued incorrectly.  There are also some which are valid – the file was submitted late, because clients didn’t authorise the FPS in time.

We’ll be emphasising these issues to our clients in the next couple of months, but meanwhile, perhaps you should check your own position, so that you can iron out any problems before the fines take effect.

Do you have a view? or need Payroll support.  Let us know by emailing .

RW Payroll: Automatic enrolment – the hot topic

Payroll is always high pressure – deadlines, deadlines, deadlines.  But occasionally, government kindly come up with a diversion from the daily grind, something to challenge us and keep us on our toes.

That’s one way of looking at pension responsibilities, also known as automatic enrolment.  Another is: a huge administrative nightmare for business, with the added bonus that it will cost them money! Continue reading

Auto Enrolment

We are currently mailing firms in the Huddersfield area to make them aware of our payroll bureau and the way we can help with auto enrolment.

If you can answer “Yes” to either of the following questions, there is a good chance we can work with you to provide a better payroll solution than you currently have:

1. Do you find that there are mistakes in your payroll?
2. Do you have an auto enrolment staging date in the next 18 months?

As the partner responsible for our payroll service, I am really proud of our team and the great service they provide to our payroll clients.

It is wonderful to see and hear the positive comments from clients, which I am delighted to say we receive on a regular basis.

Over the last few years, we’ve introduced various systems, such as the job management system, which allows any member of the team to see exactly what stage a payroll job is at.  We’ve got detailed permanent notes for every client, and a system to ensure these are updated as soon as there are any changes.  We have risk assessments to inform our review processes, and a system of key checks performed on every payroll to ensure quality control.

In terms of auto enrolment, our payroll software is certified as compliant by The Pensions Regulator and we are able to deal with worker assessment and contributions calculations, and provide reports for pension providers as well as for the employer.

We think that the introduction of auto enrolment will make the business case for payroll outsourcing stronger than ever.  Is this something that you would like to explore?

Please have a look at our website – RW Payroll Services or call Jennifer Davies on 01484 538351 or email

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We are a firm of Chartered Accountants based in Huddersfield and as you will see from our website we like to do things a little bit differently. Our offerings include all compliance services such as; Audit, Personal and Corporate Tax, Bookkeeping, Management Accounts, a Payroll Bureau and much more.

Our clients are based in Huddersfield and beyond and have many positive words to say about us so why not visit The Truth About Revell Ward page and find out for yourself.

We are very passionate about what we do and know that you too are passionate about what you do and for that reason we have devised The ‘Revell Ward Wheel of Fortune’, the wheel asks questions that every business owner should know the answers to but often don’t have the time to find these answers. The wheel demonstrates Revell Ward’s added value services and clearly defines the expected outcome for those who ‘step on’. This is a strong example of the firm’s clear but innovative approach to helping businesses achieve their goals in a more strategic way.