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Nexus Vehicle Rental launch new booking system

Our client, Nexus Vehicle Management, is the leading provider of corporate vehicle rental in the UK and is the only provider that can offer their customers any vehicle, anytime, anywhere. Nexus Vehicle Rental has launched the latest version of their software, a digital booking system known as IRIS.

The system boasts a number of new features that makes the, already sleek booking system, more efficient and easy to use.

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Workshop: Would you like your customers to pay more quickly?

CKMA create opportunities, keep their members informed, connect with businesses and are the ‘voice’ of manufacturing representing Calderdale and Kirklees. The opportunities the organisation creates are:

  • To buy from local suppliers
  • To sell to local companies
  • To collaborate on larger projects

The CKMA can provide access to:

  • Up to the minute, relevant information
  • Experienced support and help
    running your business
  • Professional help through ‘Ask The Expert’
  • Strong links to local authorities
  • Funding and grant support updates

We are delighted to announce our  partnership with CKMA. We have joined the  membership as  Sponsors and feature in the ‘Ask the Experts’ area of their website. As part of our support, Jennifer Davies is running a series of workshops.

Would you like your customers to pay more quickly?

Workshop: Would you like your customers to pay more quickly?

This is one in a series of workshops designed, for CKMA members, to share best practice in various areas of a business’ finance. Not just about credit control, but going right back to the start of the sales process, we will discuss what best practice is at each stage, all the way through to collecting the cash.

The aims are maximising efficiency and minimising bad debts and time spent on chasing. We will aim to     answer the question:

“What does best practice  look like?”    

If you are a CKMA member or are thinking about joining and want to  attend the workshop, book your place.





Steve Bradley, Pennine Business Partners to reboot Colne Valley Networking event…

Steve Bradley, Pennine Business Partners to reboot Colne Valley Networking event. In today’s Examiner, Steve mentions that there are over 1000 businesses in the Colne Valley area and that it was time to bring back a once successfull networking event.

The LaunStevev Bradley Examiner 28 Oct 2014ch event took place on 20 October and the next event is scheduled for 20 January 2015 at the Rose and Crown in Golcar.

The event is to take place on a quaterly basis and aims to have speakers to support and grow business owners.

For more information contact Steve at

Welcome to Revell Ward Chartered Accountants in Huddersfield!More

We are a firm of Chartered Accountants based in Huddersfield and as you will see from our website we like to do things a little bit differently. Our offerings include all compliance services such as; Audit, Personal and Corporate Tax, Bookkeeping, Management Accounts, a Payroll Bureau and much more.

Our clients are based in Huddersfield and beyond and have many positive words to say about us so why not visit The Truth About Revell Ward page and find out for yourself.

We are very passionate about what we do and know that you too are passionate about what you do and for that reason we have devised The ‘Revell Ward Wheel of Fortune’, the wheel asks questions that every business owner should know the answers to but often don’t have the time to find these answers. The wheel demonstrates Revell Ward’s added value services and clearly defines the expected outcome for those who ‘step on’. This is a strong example of the firm’s clear but innovative approach to helping businesses achieve their goals in a more strategic way.