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Current Positioning – Where are you now?

The Revell Ward Wheel of Fortune – Question 2

Have you ever wanted to know how you fare against your competition? At Revell Ward we encourage all our clients to benchmark themselves using our specialised software.

Each client obtains an initial 10 page report which summarises how the business fares in key areas against other businesses in the same sector. If this proves useful a more detailed 25 page report can be produced.

At Revell Ward we pride ourselves in “Adding to Business” and our aim is to increase the value of your business and minimise the amount of tax you pay.  The first stage is to undertake a current valuation of your business and then work with you to keep you on track to increase that value in the future.

This is the second step in the Revell Ward Wheel of Fortune which looks at the ways we go about “Adding to Business” to make you more money.

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