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Do you need to concentrate on what you do best – running your business?

We can help – add our Business Support team to your business.


In this section we cover:

Bookkeeping, management accountants, year end accounts production and Financial forecasts:



Our business support team have experience in working with various software packages and are knowledgeable, adaptable and helpful. Whether you want help once a week, once a month, to cover sickness or maternity leave, to do all your bookkeeping and VAT returns or just help out during those busy times, we will come to you and do the work at your premises. You will get to know a permanent member of our team, and often that person will come to seem like a member of your team too.

Management accounts

Being hands on and running a business can take up so much of your time that you lose touch with the overall bigger picture. Our team have a vast amount of knowledge and experience in preparing management accounts and presenting them in a style that suits your company’s needs.

You can opt for monthly or quarterly management accounts, both allowing you to see how the company has performed so far but also giving you an idea of how it may perform in the future, therefore enabling you to make important decisions when it matters.

Year end accounts production

Our team have the expertise to prepare year end accounts for any type of business and currently deal with a portfolio of clients ranging from sole traders to large companies. We prepare accounts straight from your records whether they are a manual cash book or an accounting software package and you can be sure that the final document will be compliant with accounting standards and legislation.

After your approval and signing the accounts we will submit the accounts to Companies House, giving you the time and resources to focus on your important business functions.

Whether your business trades through a Limited Company which must prepare statutory financial statements or a partnership or sole trader needing accounts for tax and management purposes, Revell Ward has a number of knowledgeable staff dedicated to accounts preparation.

Using quality software as well as our expertise, we can ensure your accounts comply with all relevant regulations and will contain any required professional reports (e.g. Report of the Independent Auditors or Chartered Accountant’s Report).

We can work from the information you provide, be that management accounts, trial balance cash book, sage backup or spread sheets. These can be used to prepare the final document which will be compliant with accounting standards and legislation. Once approved by you, the accounts will be submitted to Companies House and other relevant bodies, giving you the time and resources to focus on your important business functions.

Financial forecasts


Taking your business to the next level
The most successful businesses don’t operate on luck – though it is sometimes tempting to believe it.  In fact, the directors are usually very focussed individuals who can understand and question the financial information in front of them.

Many businesses have a certain amount of their own expertise, but this usually has a limit and this is when directors need trusted advisers to help.

Planning ahead
One of the areas which often gets neglected is planning.  Without a plan, your business may drift along and you could be underperforming without realising it.  If you take time at least once a year to commit your hopes and expectations to paper, you will already be on the right track towards achieving better results.

Forecasts that make sense
When you know what you want to achieve, the next step is to express this in terms of numbers.  There is always an element of guesswork in forecasts, but you should aim to produce figures that are realistic and that work logically.  We can help produce forecasts that integrate and show balance sheet as well as cash and profit figures.

Measuring and adjusting
Once you have forecasts in place, make sure you review them against real results on a regular basis – to understand how and why things have varied.

This will put control in your hands and give you a chance to curb overspending, deal with any inefficiencies – or repeat successes.

How we can help
For a fixed fee, we can help you to forecast your monthly income, expenditure, bank balance and balance sheet position.  We can usually do this within a day or less.

Related services
If you use Sage 50, we can also assist with inputting the forecasts into the software so that a range of monthly reports will be easily available.  For example, you can easily compare this year, last year and forecast within a few clicks.

You may also benefit from some help in getting the most out of your management accounts.  We can help you to improve their content, accuracy and timeliness so that you have better information to compare against forecasts and show you where to target your efforts to increase profitability.

Fixed fee
You will be provided with a fixed fee quotation, based on the complexity of your business.

For more information
Please contact:     Jennifer Davies
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