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Don’t reinvent the wheel, we’ve done that for you, take a look at the
Revell Ward Wheel of Fortune.

Asking the questions that others don’t dare
Making it easy and showing that we care

Making you more money in every which way!


Q. What are WE doing this for?

As you are visiting a website that belongs to a firm of Chartered Accountants it is only fair to presume that you expect to see a list of all the compliance services that we offer. On the left hand side you can see six topical areas that should answer all your questions on our compliance services, if not, get in touch.

These services must be carried out to a certain level based on the rules and regulations that all businesses need to follow. We are keen to work with you and when you work with us, you will see that not only do we meet these industry standards but we surpass them and excel in our field of expertise.

A. To add to YOUR business

By surpassing these standards we inevitably ADD VALUE but communicating how we do this has never been easy.  We are driven by this need to add to business and to show how we do it, we have created The Revell Ward Wheel of Fortune a concept that has been met with much enthusiasm by those who have seen it in play so far.


The Revell Ward Wheel of Fortune…explained!

8 Key questions that owner managers should ask themselves:

Strategic Review – What are you doing this for?

Current Positioning – Where are you now?

Exit Strategies – Exit Strategies: Where do you want to be?

Business Planning – How do you get there?

Tax Planning – How do you protect your family’s wealth & pay less tax?

Business Improvement Strategies – Business Improvement Strategies: How do you stay on track?

Measuring Managed Businesses – Are you measuring managed businesses?

Performance Review – Are you having an Annual Review?

These 8 key questions will help you decide the business strategy that is most suitable for you. How do you decide on the best strategy for your business and the results you want? Call Karen on 01484 358351.