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For a free copy of our 96-point step by step guide and action plan for Academy conversion, please contact us.

Embarking upon a conversion to Academy status can be a daunting exercise. There is much to consider, from the longer term implications to the short term practicalities. The conversion to academy status means that schools may have to deal with many areas beyond their normal areas of expertise.

At Revell Ward we have first hand experience of Academy conversion. We understand the importance of strategic thinking, communication planning, dealing with staff concerns, preparing different financial projections, etc.

We are also well placed to advise on the selection and implementation of appropriate accounting systems and the design of internal controls. Well thought out implementation at an early stage can pay dividends later when it comes to complying with the various reporting requirements.

We can advise and help on all these aspects. Our first discussion (or question and answer session) with Governors is always carried out free of charge and without any obligation.