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Revell Ward’s Team Excel (lent)

Revell Ward’s Team Excel (lent)

Revell Ward’s Team Excel were hailed Champions in the latest Forget Me Not Children’s Hospice 100’s to 1000’s challenge. The team turned £500 into a magnificent £5,005.88 by holding a charity auction down at Huddersfield’s Canalside in November.

The team said “The apprentice style experience has been thrilling, complete from the excitement of getting confirmation a specific item would be donated, to the sense of achievement when that same item was sold in our auction knowing the charity would be benefitting greatly. We have definitely learnt that raising money for charity is no walk in the park, but the rewards in the end make it extremely worthwhile. Not only to help the much needed families that you care for, but for ourselves as people to realise that while we all have busy lives there is still room to put others first for the greater good. The whole process has been a journey that we at Revell Ward can be proud of.”

Team Audit came third in the competition raising just over £3,248.95 from their original £500 by hosting a fashion show and five-a-side tournament. All in all a massive £8,254.83 raised by Team Revell Ward for such a worthy cause – definitely a proud moment.


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