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“007” to the rescue as BT fail to deliver on their promises

“007” to the rescue as BT fail to deliver on their promises

You may have noticed that we have had a problem with our main phone line for over 3 weeks now. This is entirely down to BT and their inability to deal with their own mistakes on a timely basis. At the moment we are in the hands of Openreach with little communication as to when the issue might be resolved.

So we have taken matters into our own hands and with the help of Codeblue Communications (our mobile provider) we have acquired a virtual number:

01484 766007

This number will be directed to our mobile phones in the office (at your standard call rate for an 01484 number) and so normal service should be resumed as far as our clients and contacts are concerned.

We apologise to any of you who have been inconvenienced throughout this ordeal (we have to admit we’ve enjoyed not getting all the cold sales calls that we normally get inundated with!) but we have missed talking to you.

Once our landlines are fixed the above number will be directed to the mainline and so if you wish to add the above number to your records for future use it will work as normal.

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